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We here at Cottonwood specialize in making custom quilts for you.  There's nothing we love more than taking

your dream quilt and bringing it to life.

OUR SERVICES include design and color choices for you.  According to your request, we will purchase all fabrics necessary for your special quilt.  We will then design your quilt keeping in mind the size you’ve chosen.  After the design process, we will begin construction of your quilt.  This includes all steps necessary from cutting, sewing, quilting and binding.  

We also make quilts to give to anyone who is going through medical treatments, has been the victim of a tragedy, or just someone in need of a hug provided by the warmth of a quilt.  If you are someone or know someone in need of a special hug from a quilt, let us know and we will provide.


Custom Quilts

Memory Quilts

Keepsake Quilts



Custom Quilts

Do you have a special quilt in mind?  OR a special pattern you’d like?  Let us know and we will work with you to create a quilt to enhance your special décor.  Prices vary depending on size and pattern chosen.  Just contact us and let us know your ideas.  Our quilts are made from quality cotton fabrics.  We use batting that is either cotton or polyester according to your needs. Our quilting is all machine quilted in a variety of styles according to the pattern your have chosen.

OR if you'd just like to browse our site and select a quilt, we'd be happy to help you out there, too.  Just let us know what you'd like.


Memory & Keepsake Quilts

Our t-shirt quilts are a great way to remember those special events you have participated in for years.  Get those t-shirts out of the drawers and make a memory quilt.  What a great way to wrap yourself in warmth and memories!

Let’s not limit these memory quilts to t-shirts.  We can also use team jersey’s, Hawaiian shirts, or any regular weight cotton shirt in your quilt.  We can even add photos!  We will transfer your photos to fabric and include them.  These are great coach gifts too.

Do you have baby clothes or baby blankets you have stored?  Let me put them into a quilt for you to keep and pass on to the next generation.

In addition to t-shirt quilts, we will make quilts from your loved ones shirts, ties, jeans or suites.  This is a very meaningful way to keep memories alive for those who have passed on.


Would you like a pillow to match your new quilt?  We can do that too!  OR maybe you don’t have enough shirts to make a quilt.  Make a pillow instead!  Still a great way to keep those special shirts.

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