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What size do I use?
In folding my fabrics I found that the 8" was the size that worked best for me.  My shelves are 10" deep, so 8" was about right.  

How do I start?
When folding yardage, I discovered the best method of folding was to open the fabric until the selvages were together.  At that point, I brought the folded side over to the selvages over lapped just a bit.  Now, making sure the folded side is on the bottom, and the selvage side is up, lay the FOLD - IT - EZ  on the fabric about 2" below the raw edge.  Turn the raw edge up, and while holding in place, begin to roll the FOLD - IT - EZ down the length of the fabric making sure to keep the folded edge straight.  When you get to the end, turn the raw edge in, and slide the FOLD - IT - EZ out.

What if my fabrics aren't full yardage?
If you're dealing with pieces smaller than 1/2 yard, I suggest using the 6" FOLD - IT - EZ.  I found that size works best for fat quarters too.  

What if I have 10 yards of the same fabric?
When dealing with larger pieces of fabric, we suggest you use the 10" FOLD-IT-EZ  as it accommodates lots of yardage much as a bolt you see in yardage stores.  It is recommended that you leave the FOLD - IT - EZ in place for these large amounts of fabric.  

What do I do with all those little pieces left over from a project?

There's a couple of things you can do with these.  If you have a larger piece that you're folding, slip the smaller piece inside on the last fold.  That way, all the like fabric is together.

Sometimes there are small pieces that just can't be accommodated with standard folding.  In these cases, I fold them as best I can and put them on the top of the stack.

How do I sort all the colors?
There are lots of different ways to sort all the beautiful fabrics we have today.  You can sort by color, or by style.  Personally, I prefer a combination of both.  I have all my floral fabrics in one stack, and all my theme fabrics in another.  Then there's a stack of batiks and another of Hawaiians.  Whatever works best for you is the way to sort.

What if I don't have shelves for my fabrics and I store them in plastic bins?
FOLD - IT - EZ works for any storage method you use.  If using plastic storage tubs,measure the width of the tub and fold your fabric to that width.  I have used the small tubsthat are only about 15" across and 8" high.  For those I fold the fabric to about 7 1/2" wideand use the 6" FOLD - IT - EZ.  By doing it this way you end up with 2 rows of fabric in eachtub and it's easily viewed.


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